Nov 20

Praise Reports 11/20


We received a visit from Grata and her newborn baby! If you recall, when we first met her back in the winter:  

Grata comes from an interfaith pro life family.  She is intelligent, beautiful and artistic. This is her first pregnancy, and she is very conflicted. The baby’s father has two other children, and he does not feel prepared for this child. He wants her to have the abortion because he’s not prepared for additional complications associated with another child. As Grata listened to her boyfriend  share the reasons why he didn’t want the baby she cried and was clearly not in agreement with most of his assessments about the downsides of parenting. After her ultrasound, Grata shared ” I’m having this baby”. Her boyfriend seemed worried. By the time Grata left our office, her mood was noticeably changed, and she told us that we lifted her spirits. Although her boyfriend will accept her choice, Grata still has a lot of difficult conversations to have with co-workers, family members and friends. Please pray that Grata will stand strong in her commitment to her baby’s life, and that the baby’s father will come to appreciate the tremendous blessings that this baby will bring to his life.

TODAY both Grata and her boyfriend were overflowing with joy. Their baby has been embraced by the entire family, Grata’s relationship with her boyfriend is on firm footing, and this precious young family has even returned to the practice of their Christian faith. Grata told our staff that her baby transformed the way that she sees her life’s purpose — the baby has deepened her faith and trust in God.  Let us praise God for this miracle and for the powerful conversion of heart that has come as a result of the birth of this precious baby.

Treya, a young mother of a group of vibrant children, returned to our center to meet with our staff.  She is coping very well with the challenges of pregnancy and has many great plans in place for her family’s future.  Although she was in tears when we saw her last time, today she was calm and composed.  She said that she felt sure that she had what it took to be a great mother to another child.  She cannot wait to meet her new baby, and in the meanwhile continues to work to prepare her home and her family for her new arrival. Treya has remained strong in the face of family insults and shame, and she feels very good about her decision to do what she knew was right for her and this baby. Let us continue to pray for Treya’s continual healing and for strength as she continues to take up the beautiful work of motherhood as a single woman.  We give thanks to God for blessing Treya in so many unexpected and immeasurable ways. May He continue to grant her joy and peace!!