Nov 13

Prayer Requests 11/13

Jireeda had come to our center before in recent months seeking an abortion. After cancelling her appointment with us, Jireeda has since come back for a pregnancy test again. Our Lady Queen of the Church put your heavenly mantle around Jireeda and heal her from all the brokenness of her past and give her the courage to continue on serving our Lord, especially in those most difficult moments.

Sunea came to our center seeking an abortion. As we followed up with her over the weeks, she spoke to us seeking mental health help. Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for your daughter that she may know God’s healing touch. Heal her and grant her a peaceful heart and nourishment from our loving Savior’s hands.

Jima came to the center with her dad who was trying to encourage her toward an abortion decision. She is a young teen and was very nervous about the pregnancy.  Although she understands that no one can force her to make any decision regarding her pregnancy, she expressed concern about sharing the pregnancy with her mom who was not likely to support the abortion.  Jima and her father agreed to see an OB before moving forward with any plans. In the meanwhile, let us storm heaven with prayers for this mother and her entire family who are all struggling with the pregnancy and all of the issues that its occurrence has brought to light

Lanta is in her last year of high school. She came to the center with her boyfriend who looked extremely unsettled during the entire visit.  Lanta told our staff that she had always opposed abortion, but that her pregnancy has made her rethink that position.  For Lanta’s boyfriend, the decision is obvious- the baby must not live.  He rejected adoption as an option on the basis that it would lead to awkward future conversations.  Lanta understands that as the mother of this child, she is the only one who can make the decision about the abortion.  She was  tearful and sad as she listened to the abortion information.  Please pray that Lanta will take the space and time she needs to be attentive to the stirrings of her heart that has already begun to acknowledge the humanity of this baby.    

Josey returned for an ultrasound today. She came alone.  During the ultrasound, she seemed very intrigued by the life developing inside of her.  When she spoke with our staff member after the ultrasound however, she was still not able to see a way forward with her pregnancy. She said that she will share the information she got from her appointment with her family, but her family is not really shepherding her toward choosing life either. Please pray that Josey will be able to quiet the noise around her so that she can focus on the pregnancy and on her future as a mother.

Loretta came to our center seeking information on getting an abortion. She took a pregnancy test with us that was positive. She has a teenager already with the father of this baby and does not see this child fitting into their plans right now. Mother of God please take care of little Loretta that she chooses life and finds the motherly courage to care for this child, and open her to healing and conversion.

Dietta came to our center looking for some guidance! She is facing a pregnancy that she was unprepared for and is unsure of what to do. She feels unsupported both financially and emotionally, but abortion goes against her spiritual beliefs. Our counselor spent time working with her on the other options available to her besides abortion. She is returning to our center for her ultrasound and more direction. Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance for Dietta to have the courage to choose another way, a way that welcomes life for her unborn baby! 

Vixen informed her counselor she has scheduled her abortion for Friday. A friend of her parents has decided to fund the procedure even though Vixen’s parents do not know about the pregnancy. When Vixen was asked about her feelings about the upcoming abortion, she replied very calmly that she had no hesitation about the procedure. Please pray for Our Blessed Mother to intervene in Vixen’s plans to abort. May Vixen become overwhelmed with feelings of love and motherhood these next few days in order to protect her baby’s life.

Andy spoke to our counselor today about the decision Dixie and Andy were making. They informed us that they are still seriously considering the abortion at this time. The situation that Dixie is in is not a healthy environment. They are overwhelmed about many other factors dealing with Dixie’s other two children and the environment in which she is living. We spent time talking about the various ways that we could assist in getting them both out of the environment they are in and into a better place to be more secure welcoming a new life into the picture. They are planning to return tomorrow for an ultrasound at our center and to continue discussing their other options. We ask for your continued support and prayers that this couple might see the goodness and joy that a new child could bring to this situation. This baby might be just the one to get them out of this slump. We ask Our Lady to inspire and encourage Dixie and we ask St. Joseph and the Holy Family to intercede as we pray to our Heavenly Father for Dixie, Andy, and their unborn child.

Please continue to pray for Jeba.  She is a struggling mother to be, and is facing many uphill battles. Jesus, surround her with your love and mercy. Give her the graces she needs to bring this child into the world. Clear the confusion around her and grant her a full healing and conversion.

Bunny is a struggling mother that came to our center seeking abortion information. She is pregnant and is scheduled to have an abortion soon. The father of the baby wants the abortion more than she does and says that mainly due to finances, she won’t be able to give the child a good life. Our Lady Queen of the Church, pray for her that she does see that life is not only possible but beautiful! Heavenly angels surround her with graces to grant her a happy, peaceful life, as well as a conversion.