Mar 10

Destiny has chosen life today! Amen Amen! Praise Reports 3/10

Latavia  came to us seeking an abortion. She is a single mother that is trying to go back to school, as well as working full time. Latavia is overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood and feels this pregnancy will completely send her over the edge. Our counselor was able to show Latavia that she is in fact able to care for another child with the help of our center’s ongoing support. After hearing about the danger of abortion for the first time, Latavia exclaimed, “how can I kill my baby? ” Let us praise God for His graces!! Praise heaven for the love and mercy extended to Latavia and her ability to say yes to life!!!

Destiny has chosen life today! Amen Amen! You may recall, “Destiny, a young single mother, came to the center wanting a second trimester abortion. Destiny feels like her life is a mess and cannot conceive of having another child at this time. Struggling with major drug problems and having no place to call home, Destiny feels completely hopeless.”  Destiny is ready to start a new page in her life and stated that she “was ready” to make her life better. Praise Jesus for this incredible news! Please keep Destiny in your prayers by asking Jesus to fill her with His strength and courage!

Kara came to the center wanting to talk to someone about abortion. She is a young adolescent who struggles greatly with depression. Many people in Kara’s life want her to continue with the pregnancy, but she fears she will not be able to care for a baby if she can’t even care for herself right now. Kara and the counselor spoke for hours. Finally, after many words of motivation and encouragement Kara chose life! Alleluia! Thank the Lord! Please continue to keep Kara in your prayers for she needs the virtues of strength and fortitude right now!