May 06

Praise Report 4/27

While making follow up calls today we were joyful to discover that a past client Leca, had chosen life! As you may remember Leca came to our center last year seeking abortion information. She already had a small child and was greatly disappointed when the father of her previous pregnancy had not supported her. Now, faced again with an unplanned pregnancy, she could not trust that her new partner would keep his word and support her. Leca scheduled an ultrasound but did not come to her appointment. For months our staff tried reaching out to Leca but with no reciprocation. Today, in our final effort to reach out, we were happily surprised to discover that Leca now has a beautiful baby girl! Praise and thank the Lord Jesus who is good! 

We spoke to Anna Maria today to follow up with her and see how she was doing. She came to us about a month ago in search of an abortion because she could not handle the demands of motherhood once again. Anna Maria informed us that she had decided to keep her baby and felt that God had led her to this miraculous decision. Let us praise our Heavenly Father for this miracle!!!