May 06

Prayer Requests 4/27

Julia is a young mother of two children seeking an abortion. Julia knows her own mother would never want her to have another abortion, but she feels she has no other choice because of her health and financial situation. We assured Julia of our support through our mother’s program and scheduled an ultrasound for her next week. We pray that Our Lady will intercede for this young mother and help her to choose life for her unborn child!

Jessica came to our center feeling very confused. She had never believed in abortion, but when her boyfriend found out, he insisted that abortion would be the best option for their situation. Feeling completely alone and unsupported, Jessica is afraid to make the “wrong” decision. We assured her of our constant support for her and her baby, and scheduled an ultrasound for her and her boyfriend to attend next week. We ask the Holy Spirit to increase Jessica’s confidence and help her to stand up for the life of her baby!

Bernie came in today seeking an abortion. Bernie already has 2 children and this is the first time she is considering abortion. She is in her second trimester. Although this decision conflicts strongly with her moral and ethical stance as a believing Christian, she was casual while speaking about her abortion decision. She is scheduled to return to us for an ultrasound. Let us pray that the Lord Jesus will touch her heart and show her the reality of the child in her womb through her ultrasound.

Amanda came in today looking for a pregnancy test. She was a previous client who has turned to abortion in the past. Although Amanda plans to parent she is still facing many challenges that pressure her toward abortion once again. She is scheduled next week for an ultrasound.  Let us pray that the image of her child will touch her heart and that our Heavenly Mother Mary will protect Amanda from the tempting lies of The Great Deceiver.