May 06

Prayer Requests 4/23

Joan came in today seeking an abortion. She has recently started to recover from a substance abuse addiction. Joan is worried that a newborn will be too much to handle and feels the stress would get in the way of parenting her two children already as well as her recovery journey. Joan will be returning for an ultrasound next week. Please pray that Joan will see how beautiful new life is and make the best choice for herself and her children, especially her unborn child!

Raluta came to the center earlier this week seeking an abortion. She is married and currently a mother to one child. She was very overwhelmed at the thought of having another baby. Her fear is driving her towards abortion. She brought her husband with her and our counselor spoke to the couple about the harmful nature of abortion. She is scheduled to come back for an ultrasound. Please pray that she comes back for her ultrasound and that she embraces motherhood again with joy and enthusiasm. 

Dhalia called our center yesterday to inform our counselors that she miscarried late into her second trimester. Dhaila had an abortion early on in her life. A few years later, Dhalia was married and had children. This last pregnancy was a surprise to her and she wanted to end it. After meeting with our staff she joyfully chose life for her baby! Let us pray that God heals Dhalia’s wounds and that she opens her heart to God’s merciful hand.