May 06

When we met Julia we learned that she is a young mother facing an unplanned pregnancy – Prayer Requests 5/4

Maribel  came in today seeking an abortion. She recently immigrated from West Africa and she has little support in this country.  She does not feel able to continue her pregnancy without knowing that someone will stand beside her. She told our counselor that she feels unprepared to care for a child and does not want to continue her pregnancy. She is scheduled for an ultrasound; please pray that she will come back for her ultrasound and that she will be moved by the sight of her unborn child.

When we met Julia we learned that she is a young mother facing an unplanned pregnancy. Her health and financial situation have made her feel she has no choice but abortion. Today she returned for her ultrasound and although she was grateful we would be there to support her, she is still strongly considering abortion. We ask the Holy Spirit to pour out His influence and grace on this young mother.

Jordie is a young woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She is terrified of what a pregnancy might mean for her situation, especially if her parents were to find out, so she believes having an abortion is the only option she has. After seeing the ultrasound, she was moved to tears, but unwilling to speak with her parents about the situation. We pray that the Holy Family might intercede for Jordie to be able to tell her family and have them receive her and this new baby with open arms.