Oct 27

Praise Report & Prayer Requests Philadelphia & Bucks County October 26, 2016

Praise Report for Ajura!
Ajura chose life for her baby! If you remember, Ajura is a mom of multiple children, although she does not believe in abortion, Ajura shared that she would be forced to leave her home if she continues her pregnancy and that she has no support to parent another child. When Ajura returned for her ultrasound she committed to continuing her pregnancy and parenting her baby! She plans to work with our center to find somewhere safe to live. Thank you for your prayers! Ajura is excited to be a mother of another child!
Praise Report for Emmy!
Thank the Lord! Emmy chose life! As you may remember, Emmy did not want to have a baby and did not feel any emotions about having an abortion. She was slightly interested in our help but was very abortion minded. Today at her ultrasound, Emmy was happy to share that she is now keeping her baby and can’t wait to tell her family! Thank you God for changing her heart and saving Emmy and her baby from abortion!
Prayer Request for Edie
Please pray for Edie! Edie wants to get an abortion because having a baby right now was not in her plans. She was disturbed by the abortion procedures, but said she will just not think about it too much. Her partner wants the baby, but she believes this is more her choice than his. Edie was very upset when we could not refer her an abortion, and she was not open to our ongoing support or ultrasound. Please pray that Edie’s heart would change towards her baby, and that she would reconsider her decision!
Prayer Request for Nikole
Nikole needs your prayers! Nikole is a young girl who is torn between parenting and having an abortion. She would like to parent, but feels that she needs support from her mom and boyfriend. She plans to return for an ultrasound with both of them. Please pray that when Nikole returns for an ultrasound she is moved by the sight of her unborn baby and chooses life!
Prayer Request for Jalia
As you may remember Jalia came to our center seeking an abortion. She has already had many abortions and feels abortion is wrong but also feels she has no choice. She was not open to our help but returned to our center today for an ultrasound. She is still very abortion determined and did not want to talk. Please pray that our Lord Jesus will save Jalia and her baby from abortion!
Prayer Request for Shasta
Shasta needs your prayers! If you remember Shasta is a returning client who is considering abortion because she does not know if she can handle parenting another child. Shasta was not comfortable with the abortion procedures and said that she needs to have a long discussion with her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend came for an ultround tody, and they are still unsure of their plans after seeing their baby. They are planning to retun for a second ultrasound. Please pray that when the couple returns together they see how beautiful their baby is and choose life!
Prayer Request for Kimmie
Please pray for Kimmie! If you remember Kimmie came to our center seeking an abortion because she has a few children already. She has had some abortions in the past and feels guilty about those, but feels this is the best decision for her. When Kimmie returned for her ultrasound today she stated that she still wants to get an abortion, but seemed unsure. Please pray that the Lord shows her what a blessing her baby is, and that she would choose life!

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually! Remember the wondrous works that he has done. -Psalm 105:4-5