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Praise Report & Prayer Request June 27, 2017

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Praise Report & Prayer Requests
Philadelphia & Bucks CountyJune 27, 2017
Prayer Request for Lola
Lola is very emotional about her pregnancy because she is feeling pressured by her family to have an abortion. She had an abortion in the past that was very traumatic and she is still struggling with regret and depression. Before coming into the center, Lola felt that she had no support to keep her baby. After speaking with a staff member, Lola felt more confident in her role as a mother and left feeling like she was n o longer alone. Please pray that Lola would continue to feel empowered and supported so that she would fully commit to life for her baby!
Prayer Request for Miriam
Miriam is seeking an abortion because she feels stressed as a single mother and feels like she would not have much support if she were to have another child. She believes that abortion is killing, but her boyfriend does not live nearby so she does not want to raise another child without the father being involved. After talking to a counselor about our ongoing support, Miriam started to consider the possibility of parenting. Please pray that when Miriam returns for her ultrasound she chooses life and love for her unborn baby!
Prayer Request for Zully
Zully is determined to get an abortion because she has always pictured herself having a child with someone that she sees a future with. This is her first time being pregnant, but she felt too sick to go over the information with a counselor. Please pray that Zully returns to the center for an ultrasound and to discuss her options with a counselor!
Prayer Request for Jasey
Jasey had planned to parent when she first found out that she was pregnant, but changed her mind because she is young and worried that she will have to drop out of school to raise a child. She has not talked to her family about being pregnant and feels alone in making this decision. Please pray that Jasey has the courage to talk to her family and her heart is opened to parenting her child!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. -Philippians 4:6


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