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Praise Report & Prayer Request June 5 2017

Legacy of Life Foundation
Praise Report & Prayer Requests
Philadelphia & Bucks County
June 5, 2017
Praise Report for Ariella!
Ariella chose life! If you remember, Ariella had planned to get an abortion because she has a young child and does not feel financially or emotionally ready for another child. Despite being farther along than she thought at her ultrasound appointment, Ariella had still planned to get an abortion. Today, Ariella called and informed us that she has decided to parent! Thank God for this beautiful gift of life!
Prayer Request for Desiree
Desiree needs prayers! Desiree is anxious to get an abortion because she is in this country working to support her family overseas. She was told years ago that she would not be able to conceive but this is her second pregnancy within a few months. She had an abortion with her first pregnancy several months ago that she said was awful, but she feels like this is the best decision for her. Desiree was happy to talk to a counselor, but is not open to other options or support. Please pray that Desiree would be moved by the image of her baby on the ultrasound screen, and that she would be empowered to choose life for her child!
Prayer Request for Rila
Please pray for Rila! Rila is a young woman who is feeling conflicted about her pregnancy, but is considering abortion. She feels like the timing is wrong to have her baby, and while her family is offering her support and financial assistance she does not want to be dependent on other people. Rila feels like she would be sad after an abortion, and would be afraid that she missed her opportunity to be a mom. Please pray that Rila would choose life when she sees her baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound screen!
Prayer Request for Briasha
Briasha is a young mother who needs your prayers! She is seeking an abortion because she believes she is not financially stable enough to have another child right now. She does not want her children to suffer because of this. After hearing about our continued support,  Briasha said she feels more calm and supported and has agreed to return for an ultrasound! Please pray that she will choose life for her baby!
Prayer Request for Terry
Please pray for Terri! Terri is a past client who returned to the center for a pregnancy test. She is very conflicted about what to do because she does not feel financially ready for another child, but feels like an abortion would affect her negatively since she is farther along in her pregnancy. After an ultrasound, Terri seemed much less conflicted and more open to the idea of being a mother again. Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to open Terri’s heart to parenting her beautiful baby!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. -Philippians 4:6


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