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Praise Report & Prayer Requests June 26, 2017

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Praise Report & Prayer Requests
Philadelphia & Bucks CountyJune 26, 2017
Praise Report for Whitney!
Whitney chose life! You may recall that Whitney is a young girl who was originally planning to keep her baby but changed her mind when the father of the baby told her to get an abortion. She was very emotional when she first came in. Last week, Whitney came in with her boyfriend to talk. Her boyfriend was very manipulative and continued to pressure Whitney to get the abortion. With the help of her counselor, Whitney was able to stand up to her boyfriend and tell him that she is keeping her baby with or without him! Whitney and her counselor worked on a plan to help her feel confident and stable in her decision. Today, her counselor checked in with Whitney and she expressed thankfulness to the Women’s Center for supporting her and her decision! We thank God for this miracle of life!
Prayer Request for Emily
Please pray for Emily! Emily is considering abortion because she feels that she does not have a stable place to live, or stable finances to raise a new baby. Emily had a past abortion that left her feeling depressed, so she is very hesitant about doing it again but she also feels that she doesn’t have support to continue her pregnancy. Emily was very happy to hear about our ongoing support program, and to talk to a counselor. She decided to give herself more time to make her decision. Please pray that Emily would be filled with confidence and love when she returns for her ultrasound!
Prayer Request for Abriana
Abriana needs your prayers! She was very anxious when she first found out that she is pregnant because she does not feel ready for a child. She disclosed to a counselor that she has been struggling emotionally and financially for a while. Because of these things, Abriana has been very determined to get an abortion since discovering that she is pregnant.Abriana returned for an ultrasound and was very distraught after hearing her baby’s heartbeat, but she still plans to get an abortion. Please pray that Abriana is filled with peace and she chooses life for her precious baby!
Prayer Request for Yogi
Yogi needs your prayers! Yogi is seeking an abortion because she feels like most of the financial responsibilities of a child would fall on her rather than the father of the baby. She said that right now she does not feel emotionally ready for those responsibilities. She said that she wanted to be excited when she found out she was pregnant, but feels like abortion is the best choice at this time. Yogi does not want to return for an ultrasound at our center and just wants to find somewhere she can go for an abortion. Please pray that Yogi’s heart is changed and she chooses life and love for her beautiful baby!
Prayer Request for Aaliyah
Please pray for Aaliyah! Aaliyah was shocked to find out that she is pregnant and is unsure what she wants to do. Even though she had wanted a child in the past, Aaliyah does not feel like she is in a good financial position to have a child. She is also concerned about medical complications that she has and whether or not it would be safe to carry a baby to term. Please pray that Aaliyah returns for her ultrasound and is filled with love for her precious child!
Prayer Request for Meghan
Meghan is pregnant for the first time and wants to get an abortion because she and her boyfriend want to be married before having children. Meghan believes an abortion will make her happy. Meghan’s boyfriend was very controlling and appears to be pushing the abortion. Please pray that Meghan will find the strength to make this decision for herself, and that she would be filled with love for her baby!
Prayer Request for Soren
Please pray for Soren! Soren came to the center seeking an abortion because she does not feel stable enough for another child. Although her boyfriend wants to parent, she does not feel like that would be enough support to raise a baby. She has been very stressed because she needs to find a new job and her own place to live. Seeing her baby on the ultrasound made her rethink whether or not she would be able to go through with an abortion. A counselor talked to her about our center’s ongoing support and she decided that she wants to take more time to think about her decision. Please pray that Soren has the courage to say “yes” to life!
Prayer Request for Nani
Please continue to pray for Nani! If you remember, Nani had planned to get an abortion because she does not feel financially or emotionally ready for a child. She was very emotional after hearing the abortion information, but did not want to talk much with a counselor. She returned for an ultrasound and was smiling after seeing her baby and happy to hear the baby’s heartbeat. She told a counselor that she is mainly concerned that her boyfriend and family will not be as supportive as they say they will be if she has the baby, so a counselor discussed with Nani our center’s ongoing support. Nani felt comforted after learning more about our support and plans to return to the center again. Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to change Nani’s heart!
Prayer Request for June
Please continue to pray for June! If you remember June has been to our center for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She has thoughts of getting an abortion because of the way that she became pregnant and because she does not feel like it is the “right time” for another child. She returned to the center today and a counselor listened to the many concerns that she has about being pregnant. She is still feeling very conflicted because she has strong beliefs against abortion but does not feel like it would be fair to this baby or her other children if she can not provide for them all. Please pray that the Holy Spirit consoles June and she feels freed from her fears to choose life for her unborn baby!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. -Philippians 4:6


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