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ultrasoundThe Ultrasound Machine is finally here!

Thank you to so many who raised funds to make this life saving service a reality!

A Special thanks to St. Michael the Archangel parish and Knights of Columbus #

For making the special effort to raise the funds for the additional costs that come with providing this service!

Now that the machine is here there will be training for our volunteer technicians and ongoing costs and supplies needed!

Thank you to our Medical Director Dr. Les Ruppersberger for obtaining many of the needed supplies for the service.

Thank you to our Radiologist Dr. Lori Bittner for volunteering to read the scans

Thank you to our Ultrasound technician Kathy Stout for volunteering to administer the scans.

Thank you to Bob Milner for reconstructing the new room.

Thank you to Joanne Cummings for the window treatments!

This has been a group effort and one that we will see much fruit of it’s labor once we get the machine totally up and running.

Our Technicians are ready to go – please keep them in your prayers!