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Jun 05

Praise Report & Prayer Request June 5 2017

Legacy of Life Foundation Praise Report & Prayer Requests Philadelphia & Bucks County June 5, 2017 Praise Report for Ariella! Ariella chose life! If you remember, Ariella had planned to get an abortion because she has a young child and does not feel financially or emotionally ready for another child. Despite being farther along than …

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Oct 27

Praise Report & Prayer Requests Philadelphia & Bucks County October 26, 2016

Praise Report for Ajura! Ajura chose life for her baby! If you remember, Ajura is a mom of multiple children, although she does not believe in abortion, Ajura shared that she would be forced to leave her home if she continues her pregnancy and that she has no support to parent another child. When Ajura returned …

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May 06

Praise Report 4/27

While making follow up calls today we were joyful to discover that a past client Leca, had chosen life! As you may remember Leca came to our center last year seeking abortion information. She already had a small child and was greatly disappointed when the father of her previous pregnancy had not supported her. Now, faced again …

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Apr 22

Praise Report 4/22

We were in touch with Elwa who first came to us this fall looking for a way to end her pregnancy. She was concerned that the baby would interfere with her career and her upcoming wedding.  Though Elwa left our offices very distraught at learning how far along she was, our counselors continued to prayerfully …

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Apr 17

Lord, Your mercy is endless!! Lydia has chosen life for her unborn child! Praise Report 4/17

Lord, Your mercy is endless!! Lydia has chosen life for her unborn child! When we met Lydia, we learned that she was facing a pregnancy very shortly after already having a child. After an emotional reaction to her ultrasound Lydia was still unable to commit to her pregnancy out of fear. After months of trying …

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Apr 13

We are so thankful for the Lord’s work in Taylor! She has chosen life for her baby! Praise Reports 4/13

Today Nan came to our center seeking a pregnancy test.  Because of the support she has received from our center for her son, Nan came to us right away when she thought she could be pregnant. Fearful she would get kicked out if her family knew she was pregnant, Nan was very scared she would …

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Apr 13

Our Lord is rich in kindness and mercy! Kenya has chosen life! – Praise Reports 4/10

Sabella chose life today! Thank you Jesus! As you may remember Sabella came in last week seeking an abortion. Facing the struggles of single parenting and raising a child with minor disabilities, Sabella was overwhelmed at the thought of yet another baby. Today Sabella returned for her ultrasound and was touched by the reality of her baby’s heartbeat …

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Apr 06

Jasmine is now excited to begin working with our center through our new mother’s program – Praise Report 4/1

Today we received wonderful news from a client we have been praying for!!! Two months ago Jasmine came to our center seeking information about abortion. Jasmine’s boyfriend is currently in jail and Jasmine is left balancing four children, a young infant, and a full time job all on her own. The stresses of her situation …

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Mar 26

Let us praise God for giving Danisha an open heart to motherhood and saying yes to life!!! Praise Report 3/25

Danisha  came as a walk-in to our center. She is a single mother who is struggling to balance the demands of motherhood and work. After she met with our counselor she bravely accepted the fact that she was in fact pregnant, and decided to keep her baby!!! Let us praise God for giving Danisha an …

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Mar 25

She is embracing her baby with a hopeful heart and mind! – Praise Report 3/23

Maycie came to the center looking for a pregnancy test. She is not very sure about how far along she is, so she wanted to meet with staff members to go over all of her options.  She has been in a relationship with her child’s  father for several years but despite that, she does not …

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