How to Help

There are many ways that you can help to create a Legacy of Life –

As an individual –

You can volunteer and if you don’t live close by consider joining our Prayer Team or Hotline!

You can assist with one of the many events that require volunteers to organize and run!

You can assist with marketing and many other professional services that require skilled individuals in order to get the word out about the Center and to keep it running smoothly.

As a group –

Church Organizations –

Local Churches are vital to spreading the good news of the sanctity of life and along with providing projects that help raise funds, also teach the faithful about the importance of the pro life mission.

Social Clubs –

Organizations often would like to make a service project a part of their way to give back and find joy in joining together to raise funds or gather supplies for the Women’s Center.

Work environment –

Often people who work together seek ways to unite through a service project especially around holidays or events that a company might choose.  Perhaps you are in a position to recommend the Women’s Center as a viable recipient.

Schools –

High School field trips to the Women’s Center to work as volunteers and to collect supplies are a great way to spread the pro life message hands on to the youth of this generation.  Often times the students will coordinate a fundraiser or collect supplies as preparation for the trip.


Current Needs:

We are always in need of funds to keep the Women’s Center doors open!

Please consider making a tax – deductible donation either by check or credit card 

Click here for more information.

We are also in need of Baby Supplies for our Family Support Program:

Size 4,5,6 diapers