Welcome to the Legacy of Life Foundation

LOL_New-Logo.fwThe Legacy of Life Foundation Season of Joy supports the two crisis women’s centers in Bucks County and Philadelphia, by fundraising to support the financial needs of these two life-sustaining centers.

The unique mission of the centers we fund is the counseling approach used to empower women in an unplanned pregnancy to be free from fear and isolation so that they can freely choose life.


The Legacy of Life Foundation’s mission is to fund:

1. Life Saving Services: Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasounds and 24/7 Crisis Hotline

2. Advocacy and Counseling: Providing the mother in crisis the freedom from fear and isolation to carry her child to term – knowing she will not be alone

3. Family Support: Assisting with basic needs – housing, clothing, food, childcare and baby supplies – with the ultimate goal of a self-sustaining family

4. Promoting: The true treasure and gift of every pregnancy throughout the community

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Praise Report & Prayer Requests Philadelphia & Bucks County October 26, 2016

Praise Report for Ajura! Ajura chose life for her baby! If you remember, Ajura is a mom of multiple children, although she does not believe in abortion, Ajura shared that she would be forced to leave her home if she continues her pregnancy and that she has no support to parent another child. When Ajura returned …

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When we met Julia we learned that she is a young mother facing an unplanned pregnancy – Prayer Requests 5/4

Maribel  came in today seeking an abortion. She recently immigrated from West Africa and she has little support in this country.  She does not feel able to continue her pregnancy without knowing that someone will stand beside her. She told our counselor that she feels unprepared to care for a child and does not want …

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Although she was tearful during her ultrasound, she was still very adamant about having an abortion – Prayer Requests 5/1

Cecily came back today for her ultrasound. She was accompanied by her sister and one of her children. Although she was tearful during her ultrasound, she was still very adamant about having an abortion. She does not feel able to continue this pregnancy because it is a result of assault. Please pray that her heart …

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Praise Report 4/27

While making follow up calls today we were joyful to discover that a past client Leca, had chosen life! As you may remember Leca came to our center last year seeking abortion information. She already had a small child and was greatly disappointed when the father of her previous pregnancy had not supported her. Now, faced again …

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